Exchange rates (07/06/23):

USD/UAH: 25.00/27.00

USD/RUB: 60.00/65.00

Operator Status:


(07/06/23 16:02:51)

Work time:

Round the clock

About the discount program

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How does the discount program work?

Volume of operations, eq. EUR % of discount
More than 300.00 0.05
More than 2000.00 0.10
More than 5000.00 0.15
More than 15000.00 0.20
More than 30000.00 0.25
More than 40000.00 0.30
More than 50000.00 0.40

The discount program has a cumulative nature. In order to use it, the user should to be registered in the system and also LOG IN before each exchange operation with the nickname and password which have been specified during registration process. From the moment of registration, all of exchange operations carried out by a Client will recorded in our database and the volume of each subsequent operation will added to the total volume of Client’s bids. The greater amount of Client’s exchange transactions in our Service, make the discount greater. The discount is calculated in % of the total volume of e-currencies which have been exchanged by a Client in our Exchanger.

Discount applies as the following:

If the exchange rates displayed in the Exchanger are average on the Market, the % of discount is deducted from the amount which a Client gives to the Exchanger for the currency which a Client purchases. The exhibited Exchancher’s rates are average on the Market in 99% of cases. In exceptional cases, when, for example, in some direction, an overvalued exchange rate is displayed in the Exchanger, then the discount will not be given. Likewise, if there is an undervalued exchange rate in any direction in the Exchanger a discount will not be granted either. Under inflated and underpriced rates, depending on the direction of the exchange, we mean rates which are more profitable for Clients than on other exchangers. The current discount of the user is determined by the breakdown below.

How does the discount program work?


A Client can see the size of the personal discount in the "Statistics of operations" section. Here is able to see % of discounts, the total number of bids, the number of exchanges completed, the volume of all exchange transactions, and also all of exchange operations. Once again, a Client should to be registered in the system to see this information. Also, a Client can see the amount of discount applied together with the commission of the corresponding payment system while filling out the form for the exchange of funds. The net of amount which will debited from the user's account is displayed in a field located below the field where a Client is entering the amount of the e-currency which will deposited him to Exchanger's accounts.